Frequeny Asked Questions

How many lessons will I need?

All individuals will require a different amount of hours to achieve todays driving standards. No instructor will keep you longer than neccesary to achieve a high quality of driving skill.

I've never driven before, does this matter?

No, it gives our instructor the opportunity to instill good driving habbits from the start.

Do I need my provisional licence for my lessons?

Yes, we will need to check your entitlement top drive.

Do you train Driving Instructors?

Yes we do take on Potential Driving Instructors (PDI's) and we offer a full range of training, get in touch to discuss the opportunities with us.

Can I request a specific Instructor?

Yes, your request will be passed on to the intructor and he/she will then conact you personally to arrange your first lesson.

How long is your waiting list?

Our instructors are constantly achieving passes with pupils which opens up gaps regularly.

How much is the theory test?


How much is the practical Driving test?